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Ganley Engineering Ltd have been involved in the sales, commissioning and service of NDC Infrared Engineering products for over 20 years. We are the preferred supplier of in-line, on-line and at-line process control technology to a wide variety of multinational and New Zealand manufacturing companies.

We specialise in the technology to measure and control moisture, fat, protein, oil, sugars, plastic film and sheet thickness, coatweights, adhesives, co-extrusions, barrier layers and more.

Controlling a process by real-time measurements and trends results in:

Improved quality
Reduced scrap
Full QA reporting and recording during the process
Reduced raw materials
Reduced energy requirements
Improved yields
Right first time, every time

We supply gauges and controls using...
Near infrared, infrared, gamma, beta, x-ray, microwave, UVF, ultrasonics and laser

Key Applications include:

Foods: snacks, starch, cereals, milk powders, infant food, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, biscuits, ingredients, potato flakes, tea, breadcrumbs, flour, refined sugar, nuts, pasta dough, meat, confectionery, cheese, freeze dried products and others

Animal Feed: bagasse, sugar-beet pulp, dark grains, alfalfa, orange thrash, grass, fish meal, rendered meals, pet foods, soya meal, gluten meals, fibers, oilseed

Pharmaceuticals: batch drying and blending

Minerals: copper, lead and nickel ores, sinter mix, phosphates, bauxite, chalk, fluorspar, bentonite, kaolin, limestone, dolomite

Wood products: wood chips and pulp, OSB, MDF, particle board, timber, veneer

Chemicals: explosives, resins, detergents, rubber crumb, cellulose, polymer chips and powders, chemical powders, neoprene rope

Building products: ceramic powders for tiles, clay, sand, concrete mixes, cement, quartz sand

Oil extraction: residues from olives, palm and soya

Fibers: cotton, filter tow, acetate, textiles, rayon, tire cord

Others: sewage sludge, composted waste, cork

Plastic Film & Paper Control: on-line

Coatweight & Adhesive Control on-line

Web Product Control: on-line