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Process Control (On-Line, At-Line)

NDC Infrared Engineering has developed and manufactures an extensive range of non-contacting Process NIR (Near Infrared) measurement systems each dedicated to a particular industry or application area.

Our NIR moisture analysers for the foods, building product, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industries are to be found in many thousands of locations world-wide. Other real-time NIR measurements offered include organic constituents such as adhesive and coatings on paper and polymer substrates.

NDC process NIR analysers are application-engineered to specific customer requirements, ensuring rapid installation, ease of set-up and optimal connectivity, and feature Ethernet connectivity to enable convenient network structures.


For most applications, there is a choice of on-line in-process measurement using the Series 710e Gauge range:

For on-line gauges, also see our Scanning Frames. These are a critical factor in making a profile measurement.


Or at-line analysis using the InfraLab NIR Analyser:

Another NDC At-Line Analyzer Product is:


We understand the varying nature of industrial processes and ensure that our gauges are engineered to to make robust stable drift-free measurements throughout their life-time. This no-compromise approach guarantees optimum performance and lowest cost of ownership for our customers.

In addition, the Series 710e gauges benefit from a range of peripheral devices and multi-lingual interfaces to deliver their critical process measurement information to the right place and in the right format.