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About Katronic Technologies


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Established in 1996, Katronic Technologies have become highly specialised manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters and contactless level measurement equipment.

With our non-invasive process measurement instrumentation we have been helping leading companies from a wide range of industries to become more efficient and eco-friendly.

What we do

By utilising ultrasound to determine the physical properties of fluids our instruments are not only capable of measuring the flow, but
also the level, concentration and density of liquids and liquefied gases.

With ultrasonic flow measurement at the core of our business, we develop and manufacture portable and fixed installation clamp-on flowmeters, which feature high quality production standards and performance characteristics.

Our values

At the same time we believe that measuring flow with Katronic ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters should be quick, easy and straightforward.

We have therefore equipped every KATflow clamp-on flow meter with an intuitive menu, instrument setup wizard and the unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant, which make the
use of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters easier than ever

We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading company within our field. We therefore continuously invest into our R&D activities.

Consequently, for Katronic innovation is not just a catch phrase - it is a matter of course to secure the future success of our business in a customer focused market.

As we are determined to ensure highest quality standards for our customers, we have implemented a quality management system
for the production of our flowmeters, which has been certified
by SGS since 2003 to be in compliance with ISO 9001.

Presently, Katronic holds the most recent version ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. GB03/58999).

Furthermore, Katronic is a committed member of general business organisations such as the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber
of Commerce, the Institute of Measurement and Control, and the British Standards Institution (BSI).

As part of the community in which Katronic operates, we recognise our social responsibility. We are therefore actively involved in local community projects and various sponsorships including environmental projects, education, sports and the arts.

Our customers

Our clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters and instruments for contact-less level measurement are in operation with companies of
various industries and municipal sectors all over the world.

To find out how our instruments can contribute to the success of your business or organisation, please visit our industry focus pages: